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Link Building

Different businesses require different approaches to acquire relevant backlinks. Through guest posts , brand mentions and full featuring helps to achieve this

Brand Building

Attaining a permanent online brand visibility has never been an easy task. Leveraging the power of organic SEO by propagating keywords on a 1:1 ratio helps in attaining an everlasting brand building.

On-page SEO

All practices that deem to be positive indicators of a right optimized page are included here. The core foundation is to have on page SEO that works for entire website. Your business idea can be wrapped in a single SEO phrase.

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I will help get your startup SEO initiated quickly on a right path so you can build your product and launch with confidence . All packages include a 45 minute consultation with a startup content strategist, link builder thus handling all the core SEO principles in the shortest time possible.

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Link Building

Startup SEO

  • Acquiring high quality sites
  • Content strategy
  • Creating SEO prone content
  • Keyword propagation
  • Article distribution
  • Monitoring & reporting


Brand Building

Operational Brands

  • Online brand management
  • Gearing SEO stations
  • Apply international SEO
  • Implementing multi-lingual
  • Employer Identification Number
  • Notice of Stock Issuances



Established Companies

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Action of Sole Incorporator
  • Initial Board Consent
  • Employer Identification Number
  • Notice of Stock Issuances


SEO has always played an important role in building a brand’s awareness. However, this role has changed significantly over the years. Gone are the days of the early internet, where digital marketers could simply flood their website’s landing pages with their brand name and top keywords to achieve high SERP rankings..

Manisuli Bamwese

Founder Baw Digital

“Since he had just started transitioning into being an online writing coach, we decided to implement a full-blown SEO content strategy. Today, he gets an average of 140k organic visitors per month. That’s great and all, but the key part is that he’s now widely known as one of the top writing coaches online. Since he shows up in the top 3 organic results for some of the biggest writing-related keywords out there, aspiring writers flood his email list and want his guidance.”

Manisuli Bamwese

Founder Baw Digital

“I’ve been working with one of my biggest clients, a writing coach, since 2018. When I started working with him, he already had incredible success as an author but he didn’t get as much website traffic as you’d expect. He got about 20k organic visitors per month and most of that came from people searching his name and his books.

Manisuli Bamwese

Founder Baw Digital

iGaming SEO for your brand, Casino & Sportsbook SEO

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We will help to get you amazing sportsbook SEO or Casino SEO strategies that are intended to boost your online search appearance and increased traffic generation. Proper iGaming SEO requires expert analysis and dedicated team of link builders , international SEO and on-page practices . Get in touch with an iGaming SEO expert, get to know how best your brand can attain an online elevation.

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Baw Digital Marketing Agency in Uganda You Can Trust. With the future of marketing being digital, we provide our clients with a comprehensive online marketing approach using a powerful range of digital marketing tools to enhance their web presence & grow their business. Be on the Top & Get More Traffic to Your Website. From iGaming SEO services and social media marketing to PPC management and web development, our dedicated digital team at Baw Digital Solutions provides the best digital marketing strategy to maximize your online potential.

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