Reputation & Brand Building Uganda

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Brand building is about establishing your public identity. Your brand is how people come to know you.  It is how they come to identify your business. From your overall voice, to your logo, to your website, all elements of branding need to come together in order to help you connect

Worldwide  Remote Jobs for 2021

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 There are a lot of remote jobs for 2021, Baw Digital a reputable internet research agency has said.  But not all  jobs listed here are on demand as remote jobs for 2021. Some are rare or just random.  For example, we have  seen worldwide remote jobs for 2021 were including

Uganda Local SEO Experts

Local SEO in Uganda

Google, the biggest search engine  has recently released a report informing marketers, growth hackers, SEO analysts, and business owners alike that about 20% of searches on its search engine has got  local intent,  and this figure doubles to 40% for mobile users. This is a driving factor for implementation of

Growth Hacking Uganda

Growth hacking is a concept in digital marketing and simply refers to all strategies focused majorly on business  growth.  Growth hacking  is alway implemented by  early startups or small businesses  with their major intention of massive growth. This is because early startups and small businesses have low budgets to be

How to get a job in Kampala?

Many people in Uganda seem to struggle in their own way of living and would try to hustle to make ends meet but surprisingly this leaves them with a very big question to answer as to when and where to start from.  Both the youth and elderly have mostly come

Search Engine Optimization

We have a perfectly planned SEO strategy that will fit into your business requirements. Optimizing your site based on our effective keyword research analogy will drive your site to the top of the search engine results

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Baw Digital is an SEO & Social Media Marketing agency working to promote businesses' online presence regardless of their size and financial position. Providing clients' centric services to have businesses leverage on unlimited online potential clients