How to get a job in Kampala?

Many people in Uganda seem to struggle in their own way of living and would try to hustle to make ends meet but surprisingly this leaves them with a very big question to answer as to when and where to start from.

 Both the youth and elderly have mostly come out with an idea of looking for any job that would earn them money, of course it doesn’t always come on a silver plate but this would require one to take a step and try to search for it in urban centers where opportunities seem to be wide.

In our country, Kampala being the capital has the largest number of migrants who come from various regions of the country looking for jobs. 

These people crowd the streets of central division with files full of documents that supplement their capabilities while others have gone to outskirts of the city to divisions of Kawempe, Nakawa, Makindye and Rubaga.

However, one would need the following few tips that perhaps would ease his hunt for a job.

1].  Make consultations from relatives and friends already working in various organizations on any job opportunities that might be available and request them to lobby for any if available.

2]. Listen  to radio adverts on job slots and read various daily newspapers because every newspaper has space for job opportunities.

3].  Post in job application letters and curriculum vitaes to organizations that need or have job slots to try out your chances.

4].   Be smart when looking for a job from any office or person since this would create the first impression on any one seeking a job.

5].  When in the city, it would be advisable enough to visit more than one division of Kampala because this can create more chances than centralizing oneself in one city division.

6].  Kampala has both white collar and odd out jobs, so one should be prepared to get any and must accommodate to start with what comes across him provided he/she can perform it and if not centrally to his social, cultural or religious norms.

7].   For, first employees and most especially the graduates in Kampala, should know that many organizations like banks and NGOs prefer people to volunteer and work on a given probation period before fully employed, of course it would require the individual to persevere for a while and endure before earning what he expects in future.

 Am sure those few tips will assist my fellow Ugandans looking for a job to earn one or guide one in our city Kampala.


 Written by,   HAMIS  BUWEMBO, Country Coordinator at Baw Digital. He is an accomplished online marketer building brands in  Uganda  and abroad.



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